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3 Essentials to a Fire Escape Plan

Published by SEO on June 7, 2016 in category: Fire Damage Repair

Having a plan is critical for everything from building your career to building an office tower, but regularly forgotten is the need to create a plan for when an emergency takes place.

It may seem illogical to try and plan for an emergency since you never know precisely when one is going to occur, but there are many steps that you can take prior to a disaster that will increase your chances of survival.

Beyond the basics of regularly changing the batteries on smoke detectors and knowing where the fire extinguishers are located, there are other ways that you can stay safe during a fire crisis that you need to know. call 911 Restoration of Greensboro at our number 336-310-5344.

Be The Weird Neighbor That Does Fire Drills

Remember in school when you would get a break from having to listen to the teacher when the monotonous blaring of the fire alarm would pound at your ear drums until you assembled on the sidewalk outside?

Well, while those fire drills were a great break from classwork, they also prepared you for a real world fire event to the point at which you knew exactly what to do from muscle memory alone.

This is what you need to do with your family too.

A fire drill in your home may seem excessive and a bit over the top, but if you do it once a year, you’ll be better prepared for a fire situation.

It will also give you a chance to turn the drill into something fun that the whole family does together.

Fire drills may seem like an excessive level of preparation for an event that may never occur in your home, but being safe is better than being sorry when it comes to these situations.

You can even make it a fun exercise where the first person to the curb gets an extra scoop of ice cream when you go out afterwards to reward the family for a job well-done.

Train The Dog


There are a host of fire escape plans on the internet, but few of them remember that nearly half of the population has pets and they will undoubtedly want to escape the fire too.

You can train the dog to be just as prepared as the kids by doing a fire drill with them included, and this ensures that if your home does become uninhabitable, that you have a furry friend to cuddle up which we all know makes everything seem okay.

If you have other pets that aren’t as easily trained as a dog when a disaster strikes, you should still have a planned method for getting the other pets out of the house too.

One technique is to leave any doors to rooms that might have pets open so that they have an escape route if they don’t leave with you when the fire breaks out.

Plan To Fail

All good plans, come with back up plans too, and escaping a fire outbreak in your home should be no different. When you make a plan to evacuate the home during a fire, you should draw out a detailed map of the whole house so that you can clearly explain what to do if a fire flares up in every room.


In addition to this diagram (which all members of the household should be able to draw from memory) you should also have an alternate method as a backup. so contact us today at 336-310-5344.

Plan that your front door will be readily accessible and your best escape route option, but also plan for the fire being at the front door, and having to escape through the back door, the windows, the garage, or wherever there are additional routes to flee.

When it comes to fire safety, you really can’t be too prepared, and so any steps that you take to ensure your family is safe during such an event will help.

Sure the neighbors may look at you funny for gathering the whole family at the curb and timing your escape. And the dog will undoubtedly be thoroughly confused (but probably entertained) by a fire drill, and your kids will likely groan at doing a schematic of the house they live in too. call us 336-310-5344

But confusion and lost TV time aside, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you and your loved ones will be safe if the worst ever occurs.

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